How Artificial Intelligence Can Impact the Future?

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Artificial Intelligence is one of the trending topics on the data science radar. AI served as a driver for emerging technologies such as cloud solutions, the Internet of Things (IoT), deep learning, big data, and robotics and it will continue to be a technological innovator for the future. Things that we had only imagined a decade back have now come true through Artificial Intelligence. From self-driving cars and automated systems at a manufacturing plant to self-serving robots in restaurants and customer queries answering chatbots, Artificial Intelligence technology has rapidly evolved in recent years and it is becoming difficult to pinpoint how and when AI has gained popularity.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

The future of AI is arriving quicker than the predictions shown in the "Minority Report" set in 2054. According to the research reports of Oxford University scientists, AI technology will be better than human beings in translating languages ​​by the year 2024, with selling products by 2031, books writing by 2049 and performing surgeries better than human by the year 2053. Future of AI in detail with the help of AI-powered drones, online retail stores will be able to deliver 10-pound packages within an hour in the near future. The biggest eCommerce store, Amazon is already working on it to decide the reliability of operations and optimal security to deliver packages. However, in the coming years, you can expect drones to be able to deliver goods and food autonomously.

Not only autonomous delivery, but the future of Artificial Intelligence in retail is also personalized with more realistic and autonomous scenarios, including virtual racks connected to screens, customized dressing rooms with data-defined personalities, and much more personalized recommendations based on customer's previous history and trends.

Future of AI in Healthcare

AI algorithms allow hospitals and doctors to better analyze patients’ data and customize their health care to each patient's lifestyle, genes, and environment. From diagnosing the disease to determining which treatment works better for an individual, Artificial intelligence technology can lead to a personalized drug revolution.

Future of AI for Entertainment

The best example of an AI use case in entertainment is Netflix. Now we are enjoying our favourite TV shows, movies, and series with different genres in multiple languages. In the coming years, we could simply relax on the couch and order a custom movie or show featuring virtual actors of our own choice. Meanwhile, the film industry could have an amazing future without fail, for example, the advanced predictive programs can analyze the storyline of the movie script and also predicts its box office potential.

Future of AI in Banking

Artificial intelligence technology will reach a central stage in the next decade with better customer experience in the verticals such as improved productivity, lower cost and security and business intelligence. Robot advisors have become a common sight in wealth management and game-changers in the banking space, saving time for customers and wealth managers. Future banks will use AI to personalize their products and services along with customer experiences.

Future of AI in Transportation

Self-driving cars are the place where AI will have the biggest impact soon. Unlike humans, Artificial Intelligence drivers will never lose focus while driving and do not cause accidents. Driverless trains are also running in European cities, and Boeing is manufacturing an autonomous jetliner but pilots are still needed to put information into the system.

Bottom line:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are already transforming the way we live and work to bring tremendous changes in the future. When AI is paired with big data, the Internet of Things, cloud solutions and trend prediction can be done very quickly for making businesses consistent, effective, and more efficient. Over time, it will also change the way organization run, with humans communicating with AI brains to solve complex business problems.

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