In recent times, the process of software development has moved towards agile and DevOps processes as businesses need faster releases to get to market faster. Evidently, with agile and DevOps processes on the go, the software testing process has taken a shift-left approach wherein the testing is done parallel to software development to ensure faster identification of bugs and quality releases. The QA in the agile process tests the entire system based on the sprints to cater to software feature development. The QA teams take up software testing along with the development process, from the initial stages of the DevOps process to ensure continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) to ensure faster releases. Today, the QA teams must think more creatively and realistically than ever before. Thus, the QA has taken a shift from Quality Assurance to Quality engineering, to ensure faster releases enforced with DevOps CI/CD and agile processes.

Proactive Quality assurance and testing

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Quadrant Technologiess can help your test/QA team prepare for the new requirements and expectations resulting from digital transformation and equip them with the strategies, methodologies and tools for success.

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Our services include :
  • QE Maturity Agile Test strategies.
  • Shift-Left and Agile Test strategies.
  • Test Center of Excellence.
  • QE Best practices.
  • QA Tool strategies & Recommendations.