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De-risk your SAP migration and run workloads faster in an optimized, efficient and secure cloud platform certified by SAP. Learn how.

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Azure is the ideal platform for your mission-critical SAP workloads. With more than 600 cloud services and SAP-approved accelerators, your SAP landscapes will be safer and run faster in the Azure cloud. This eBook includes strategies, TCO, case studies, and getting started steps to help you migrate successfully. PLUS, we include a bonus offer funded by Microsoft and NetApp.

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Modernization Simplified

Modernize your SAP landscapes into the Azure cloud. Gain agility, speed, cost savings, and enhanced capabilities to transform your business.


Accelerated Migration

Your business is moving fast and your SAP workloads need the agility that the cloud can provide. Discover how to de-risk your cloud migration while empowering your business users.


Scale for Growth

Support for SAP workloads that run on traditional relational databases like Oracle, DB2, and SQL Server will end soon. Get ahead of your competitors and help your enterprise benefit now with the latest technologies from Microsoft Azure and SAP.