Cybersecurity Live Webinar: Maturing from Legacy Vulnerability Management to Modern Continuous Threat Exposure Management – Strategy & Best Practice

Online | December 13, 2023 , at 11 AM PST.

Traditional Vulnerability Management solutions can no longer protect enterprises from the sophisticated attacks that are occurring every day against organizations of every size. Attackers are using a variety of tactics to expose and exploit assets and the myriad security gaps that exist within each organization. Modern Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) is the answer to these emerging challenges. It is an improved and holistic approach to defending against attackers and their tactics.

In this webinar, Derek Melber, 19X Microsoft MVP and Nanitor Lead Architect, and Satya Dillikar, Quadrant’s Cybersecurity Practice Lead will present a coherent view of CTEM and how it can be implemented at any organization, big or small. Derek will decrypt why traditional vulnerability management is no longer sufficient and delineates the different pillars that build up CTEM. CTEM is not pulling together a suite of disparate security tools and Derek will describe what a solid CTEM solution looks like, and security leaders like you know exactly what to look for and expect in securing your enterprise.

About the speakers:

Satya Dillikar, Cybersecurity Practice Lead, Quadrant Technologies

With over two decades of experience in cloud software and computer networking, Satya is a seasoned practitioner in the realm of Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence. Satya has been instrumental in developing and deploying cutting-edge products & SaaS solutions at companies such as VMware, Cisco, Ciena, and Broadcom. Satya's expertise spans across a multitude of public cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Satya has led diverse teams of engineers and researchers, driving innovation in Switch/Router Layer-2/3 Networking Protocols, Cloud Services, Cloud-Native Applications, and SaaS. Satya brings this all-round expertise to deliver solutions and services to safeguard organizations and to maintain a secure digital environment in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

Derek Melber, Lead Architect, Nanitor

Derek has built a career out of public speaking, content creation, sales, marketing, and enterprise design around a core set of technologies like identity security, Active Directory/Azure Active Directory, cloud identity, PAM, CIEM, MFA, SSO, Group Policy, and other integrated technologies. Derek has worked for and with companies leading in these areas such as Microsoft, AWS, BeyondTrust, Quest, ManageEngine, Specops, Bloodhound, and others. Derek consults with high-profile prospects and customers who need to understand how different identity-related technologies work together and how different components contribute to an overarching security solution.

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