Quadrant Employees are Helping COVID-19 Patients with Resources Across India

Together we fight against COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic has been around for over a year now. The dramatic spread of the coronavirus has damaged lives, livelihoods, communities, and businesses around the world. This pandemic has continued to claim many lives, putting intense pressure on health professionals and the world’s infrastructure.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, Quadrant Technologies, an IT services company headquartered in Redmond, WA has come forward to help India with the ongoing crisis

Our Objective

Our leadership is not only for business, but also to serve the community. In line with its humanitarian approach to business principles, we aim to help people fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and protect our employees and our communities from the spread of the coronavirus.

Since the formation of Quadrant Technologies, the health and well-being of our employees and clients have been our top priority. As the world battling the COVID-19, this priority became even greater.

Social Causes

i) Created-19 Awareness Campaign:

Since the COVID-19 pandemic first began in March 2020, we have been creating awareness among the public through social media posts by sharing valuable information about the symptoms, safety measures, precautionary methods, diagnosis, treatment and providing live updates on COVID-19.

ii) COVID-19 Outbreak Live Updates:

In order to help the public gain awareness and alerts about COVID-19, our expert data analytics team has also developed a Power BI tool that provides day to day updates on COVID outbreak.

Our data and analytics team headed by Suresh Kumar Thanda, Pradeep Velavalli and the team members, Chaitanya Kumar, Lakshmi Soujanya, Deepti Uppala, Jahnavi J, Vidya and Niveditha.

This report provides regular updates about the number of positive tested cases, active cases, recovered cases and death cases on a global level. It helps to raise community awareness about the virus, implement preventive measures and plan coordinated responses to address resource scarcity.

Our tool allows you to find the number of vaccinated countries, the number of vaccines distributed, the first and second doses taken around the world.

In addition, we have provided a list of names and addresses of vaccine distributors in each state across India, which will help individuals to check the nearest vaccination centers and register for the vaccine accordingly.

iii) Free Vaccination to Employees:

“Employee wellbeing is always a first priority for us. We have partnered with Gleneagles Global Hospitals to provide free vaccination for all our employees in India”, says CEO of Quadrant Technologies, Vamshi Reddy.

iv) Quadrant’s COVID TASK FORCE:

The world is grappling with an ongoing health crisis and India's second wave of COVID-19 crisis has become the worst in the world. With the surge in cases, the demand for beds, oxygen, medicines, ventilators, etc. is increasing rapidly across India.

In order to help the needy, we have set up an emergency support team to assist our employees and community during this crisis. We started a “COVID TASK FORCE” to assist in providing needed resources for Covid-hit patients. We have compiled the COVID TASK FORCE report on our website, which enables people to obtain leads for six major resources they need: Hospital Beds, Oxygen Cylinders, Ventilators, recent Covid-recovery patients' Blood Plasma, Remdesivir and Vaccine Centers.

Workflow diagram to understand how we are helping the needy people


Our Leadership Team:

The CEO of Quadrant Technologies, ‘Vamsi Reddy’ has come up with this COVID TASK FORCE idea and our Director ‘Balaji’ and Senior Vice President ‘Balu Kuncham’ have played a key role in taking it forward.

Leadership team

Our Volunteers:

Below is the list of active volunteers who have been putting their best effort to assist the Covid positive patients across India with the resources they need.

Sreeram Sivakumar (Volunteer Lead)







Amarendhar Acha Sreekanth Madhuri Dantuluri Pankaj Sharma Tejaswini Swetha
Ramesh Gangapuram Tezaas Shareef Prathyusha Mujtaba Hasan Natraj Teja Vikas Rawat
kalyansai Narasimhulu Shalini Janga Kranthi Kumar B Venkatesh Sanjay Nizalpuram Farha Khanam
Lakshmi Durga Ravalika Mukka Mahesh Thopate Sreelatha Mavireddy Eswara Reddy N Sainath K
Harika Marella Krushitha Gudur Koushik Koundinya K. Trinath Kumar Chandana Gunadapaneni Navya Sri Gudivada
Venkata Prathyusha Swathi Balimpuram Sai Vivek Bagili Pavan Vuppula Syam Manohar
Ruduru Navya Gudivada Dhana Gouri Manikanta Bheemshetty
Neha Vandana Maggili Raj Jangam

From day one, we have been receiving many requests for resources such as beds, oxygen cylinders, plasma and medicine availability from our internal team, their family and relatives and people across the country through social media.

We have extended our support by helping hundreds of patients over the past few weeks. We have a lot of emergency requests, but unable to fulfil everyone’s request. We are doing our best to serve as many people as possible across the country. This effort is giving us a lot of self-satisfaction.

A Message from Our CEO:

Please continue to take the utmost hygiene and safety precautions. We are in the final stages of the collective battle. Together we will win

Stay Home…Stay Safe!