What is QMigrator?


Q-Migrator is a web-based tool for migrating on-prem or cloud databases such as Oracle/SQL Server to Open-source databases like PostgreSQL / MySQL / MariaDB to Azure. This highly secured QMigrator tool handles all the aspects of Database migration from client onboarding to assessment, deployment, and testing. Automated code conversion for heterogeneous database migrations is the main differentiator that no other tool in the marketplace offers. The entire migration process, including any manual code conversions, can be streamlined to speed up migration from months to weeks.

Features of QMigrator

Client Registration and Onboarding :

The registration process of QMigrator is simple and intuitive where once registered, the client will be able to seamlessly navigate and onboard themselves. Alternatively, our support team will be able to help you in this process.

Preliminary Assessment :

This module collects information through simple questions and answers on various categories such as organization, infrastructure, and resources and assesses the maturity level of each category that would help the client in making informed decisions.

Discovery :

The Discovery module complements the preliminary assessment. It helps determine the initial migration scope and the ballpark estimate of infrastructure cost and migration cost, which are key factors in deciding TCO and ROI

Plan & Decide :

Having found the scope, benefits, and risks of migration through Preliminary Assessment and Discovery and realizing the need for modernization, our migration experts and architects will put together a detailed migration and modernization plan that help the client decision process.

Migration :

The Migration and Validation modules take care of storage object conversion, code object conversion, data masking, data migration, data validation, workload execution, functional testing, and performance testing.

Deployment :

After data validation, the Deployment module deploys the application into the test environment so that clients can perform their end-to-end testing

Reports :

The QMigrator application provides visualization of all the key reports in Power BI.

Manual and Automated Code Conversion :

QMigrator converts the majority (> 90%) of the code automatically, however, sometimes manual conversion is needed. The entire process is streamlined and completely automated.

Process Flow

Below is the typical workflow of QMigrator which handles everything from stakeholder management to validation of data.

process flow

QMigrator Architecture

QMigrator architecture is built on a robust framework where every aspect of the product is taken care of. It has great usability, security, and performance.

QMigrator Architecture

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Why QMigrator ?

upto 95% cost savings moving to oss

Up to 95% cost savings
moving to OSS

fully automated assessment to take decisions quickly

Fully automated assessment
to take decisions quickly

powerbi reports for insights and improvements

Power BI reports for insights
and improvements

Up to 60% savings in migration cost

Up to 60% savings in
migration cost

Reduced migration effort and timelines

Reduced migration effort
and timelines

Why Choose Quadrant Technologies for Database Migration?
  • Certified Engineers
  • Pricing based on total savings
  • Best in class support
  • Efficient migration planning
  • Any database to any database migration
  • No other tool in the market is close to us
Data Migration
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These days, data transfer is necessary for several reasons. QMigrator is among the best solutions for data migration in your organization.

The necessity of data migration and cross-database migration ?

Data is a crucial factor in many business decisions, thus it is crucial to managing operations like data migration carefully to avoid damaging your organization. Every meaningful action starts with solid facts. Without it, it is impossible to forecast, plan, or keep track of the long-term performance of your business, which directly affects how prosperous it will be. Actual data knowledge aids in decision-making and conserves time and resources.

Moving data across places is known as data migration. The migration procedure requires updating the repository, database, or apps, even though it could seem to be quite simple.

data migration occurs within firms for a wide variety of reasons. The migration of data makes it feasible to combine fresh data from acquisitions or other sources, create new data warehouses, rearrange entire systems, and switch databases. When deploying a new system that would be compatible with already-installed applications, data migration is frequently necessary. Data cleansing, transformations, and replication might all be carried out during the migration process to produce higher-quality data.

More than only the data is transported when we discuss cross-database migration. It is essential that the application's relevant packages and its code, including stored procedures, functions, etc, be migrated as well. In terms of application, adjustments would also be made. Without a doubt, data is crucial, but due to the sheer volume of it produced every day, it can be confusing. Are you looking for a data company that can assist with safe and secure data migration? Quadrant Technologies is the top pick in that situation.

Quadrant Technologies is one of the top companies dedicated to providing migration services, including cross-database migration and others. Through the use of our cutting-edge technologies, the best in the business, Quadrant Technologies ensures secure, effective, and speedy data migration for your company.

What is database migration?

Shifting data from one point to another is known as data migration. While it could appear to be quite simple, it requires a change in storage, a database, or an application.

Data migrations are carried out by organizations for several different reasons. You might need to replace databases, create a new data warehouse, redesign a whole system, or combine fresh data from a merger or another source, for instance, performing a cross-database migration. For delivering a new system that works along with already-installed applications, data migration is often required.

We have the chance to clean, convert, and duplicate data throughout the data migration process, which produces data of greater quality.

database migration

Why is a proper data migration strategy important?

A data migration scheme can be created in a variety of ways. What is most appropriate will be determined by the unique business requirements of the enterprise. Many tactics, however, can be classified as either the big bang or the trickle.

  • Big bang migration: A big bang data transfer involves a full transfer that is finished in a short amount of time. While data undergoes ETL processing and transfers to the new database, live systems incur downtime in this process.
  • The appeal of this approach is that everything occurs in a single event with a time limit and takes only a short amount of time to finish. However, because the company functions with one of its assets unavailable, the strain might be great. A flawed execution could result from this type of data migration. You can consider practicing the transfer before the undertaking if the big bang strategy makes perfect sense for your company.
  • Trickle Migration: In contrast to big bang transfer, trickle migrations finish the migration procedure in different stages. Running the old and new systems together during implementation prevents downtime and operational interruptions. Data can continue to migrate as a result of real-time processes.
  • These implementations can have more intricate designs than the big bang strategy. However, if done properly, the increased complexity typically minimizes hazards rather than increases them.
  • A proper data migration strategy is very important for your business. Unstructured information with redundant information and unknown variables can be the result of less effective transfers. Even though the original data is ample and useable, this can still occur. Additionally, any problems that did occur in the data sources may get worse when they are introduced into a new, more advanced system.
  • A thorough data migration plan avoids a poor experience that causes more issues than it fixes. Incomplete preparations can result in migration projects failing, in addition to missing deadlines and going over budget. Teams should give migrations their entire focus while planning and structuring the work rather than putting them below another task with a broad scope.
  • These vital elements should be considered in a comprehensive data transfer plan: Understanding the data is very crucial in strategy formation for data migration. Original data must go through a thorough assessment before migration. When this step is skipped, unforeseen problems may arise.
  • Before performing data, the transfer may it be a cross data migration or any other, it is very important to perform cleaning. Any problems you find with your datasets must be fixed. Due to the size of the project, extra software tools and outside assistance may be needed to perform this.
  • The maintenance and protection of databases are very important and must be considered while planning data transfer. Over time, data deteriorates and becomes unreliable. This implies that safeguards must be in place to preserve the integrity of the data.
  • Data quality tracking and reporting are crucial for a deeper understanding of data fidelity in governance. This information should be produced using highly useable procedures and technologies that, whenever possible, automate tasks.
  • A data migration strategy should include a mechanism for bringing on the appropriate software and tools for the project in addition to a systematic, step-by-step procedure.

Some Data migration practices adopted by Quadrant Technologies for Safe and Successful Data Migration.

These are a few important practices to remember regardless of the implementation strategy that Quadrant Technologies undertakes while planning and implementing data migration for your company:

  • We make a backup of the data before undertaking data transfer. We understand that your company cannot afford to lose data if something unexpected happens during implementation. Before moving forward, we always confirm that there exist backup options and that they have been thoroughly tested to avoid any mishaps.
  • The team of experts at Quadrant Technologies believes that it is very important to follow a plan of action while implementing your data migration plans. There are instances when many data administrators create a plan, only to discard it if things go smoothly or out of control. At Quadrant Technologies we prepare for the reality that the migration process may be challenging and even irritating at times and then follow the plan accordingly to complete your data migration to the cloud or any cross-database migration, etc.
  • Our team believes that it is important to take tests repeatedly. Our team tests the data migration throughout the design and planning stage, implementation, and maintenance to make sure that you will eventually get the desired result out of the data migration process.

Why should you hire Quadrant Technologies for cross-database or Data Migration?

Data movement must be done with caution. While many businesses commit the error of assigning the assignment to their in-house team. The fact is that if data migration is not done by experts, several problems could occur. Loss of data, deterioration or other issues could cause substantial losses for your business.

Therefore, any form of data transfer, including cross-database migration, needs to be left to professionals like Quadrant Technologies who have undergone the necessary training and are knowledgeable about all its nuances. Due to our years of experience, our data transfer technicians will plan and execute your company's migration initiatives with unmatched dedication. Our cutting-edge web platform QMigrator is one of the key reasons you should employ Quadrant Technologies for data migration.

All phases of cross-database migration, involving client acquisition, evaluation, distribution, and testing, are managed by our high-security QMigrator program. The key characteristic that distinguishes QMigrator from competing products on the market is automated code translations for heterogeneous database migration. The entire transfer process—including any necessary manual code conversion—can be organized effectively with the help of the QMigrator to reduce the migration time from several months to just a few weeks.

The best company providing cross-database service to organizations of all sizes and types is Quadrant Technologies. We create migration plans and strategies for your company based on the needs and objectives of your organization. For your organization to reach all of your goals and objectives, we at Quadrant Technologies have teams of specialists who will expertly assist in building the best migration strategies for cross-database migration from Oracle to Azure PostgreSQL. Different businesses will require different data transfer tactics depending on their demands.

The knowledge and high caliber of our engineers are the main advantages of hiring Quadrant Technologies for the design and execution of your data migration. Our team's best specialists will precisely plan and safely execute the entire data conversion procedure. Since they have experience dealing with several data transfer circumstances, including cross-database migration, the team of experts at Quadrant Technologies can assist you in making the best migration selections throughout the process.

Errors in data management may lead to significant data losses, which can restrict business growth. Utilizing our experts will help you steer clear of such problems. The data transfer specialists at Quadrant Technologies can accomplish everything effectively since they are familiar with how each action and process is carried out.

By using our unique QMigrator platform, you may avoid problems with the cross-database migration procedure like leaving out crucial steps, failing to complete the migration properly, or terminating it even while crucial steps are still left to be finished.

While our highly sophisticated QMigrator handles the work for you, data migration professionals are always on call at Quadrant Technologies to confirm that every aspect of data transfer is appropriately managed. We also provide efficient database migration design and implementation for a fee depending on overall savings.

The professionals at Quadrant Technologies provide our clients with the top products and services. Contact us today to develop the perfect data migration strategy for your business!

How does Quadrant Technologies plan and implement Data Migration for you?

Quadrant Technologies is one of the leading companies providing data migration services to businesses of all scales and types.

  • We create plans and strategies for your company based on the demands and objectives of your organization. We at Quadrant Technologies understand that different firms will require different data transfer strategies as per their needs, so our teams of experts will skilfully aid in creating the perfect data migration plans for your business to reach all your goals and objectives.
  • The first step involved in a data migration plan by our experts is to investigate and evaluate the source data. We investigate and make ourselves aware of the data that needs to be migrated and comprehend it before performing the transfer, as well as how it will fit into the target system. Our team will recognize the type of data being pulled over and how much of it there is.
  • Data with numerous fields may exist and some of these fields will not need to be transferred to the destination system. There can also be blank data fields in a source that requires filling in from a different place.
  • Our team runs an audit on the actual data included, in addition to fulfilling the requirements for data fields to be transferred. If there are a lot of incomplete data pieces, inaccurate data, or other issues, we then re-evaluate whether we need to migrate that data in the first place or not.
  • Many a time, organizations may waste time and money on migration if it skips this source review stage and thinks that everyone understands the data. Even worse, the company might encounter a serious data mapping problem that would prevent any forward motion. Quadrant Technologies thoroughly goes through this stage to avoid any such mis happenings in the future.
  • We then establish and plan the migration process may it be a cross database migration or another type of migration. Our data migration experts with their years of expertise decide whether to migrate your firm's data in a huge explosion or a trickle throughout the design process. Along with that, we also outline the migration procedures as well as the technical architecture of the system.
  • Our data experts start defining deadlines and any project problems after considering the design, the data to be pulled over, and the destination system. The entire project is properly documented by the end of this step.
  • We also consider safety factors as it is crucial to take data security measures into account when planning. Our data migration experts make sure to secure any data that needs to be safeguarded throughout the plan.
  • The next step undertaken by Quadrant Technologies in planning the perfect data transfer strategy for your organization is to create a migration solution.
  • Our data experts do not believe in the use of a "just enough" development strategy when dealing with migration. It is important to get it right because we understand we will only do the implementations once. One frequent strategy adopted by us is to divide the data into smaller groups and develop each category separately, which is often followed by conducting a test. Building and testing simultaneously can make sense for a company working on an especially massive migration.
  • The next thing our data migration experts do is perform an actual test. After evaluating the codes during the building step, the testing phase is not complete. To confirm the quality of the execution and completion of the application, it is crucial to test the data transfer architecture using actual data.
  • After conducting a live test, we finally start implementing the plans using the defined style. The step following the implementation of the plan by Quadrant Technologiess is auditing. Our team sets up a way to audit the data after the deployment has gone live to ensure the reliability and validity of the migration.
  • Even though every organization needs a different strategy, the above strategies and steps are usually followed in general by Quadrant Technologies for carrying out your organization's data migration process.

Learn More about Quadrant Technologies and our services

Quadrant Technologies has been offering the best IT services to businesses of all sizes since it was founded in 2004. It is a global provider of IT solutions, products, and services to a variety of industries. We develop and provide technology solutions for various business models as a provider of data and cloud services.

Since the beginning, we have become more adept at meeting our client's business needs while retaining a focus on pricing and privacy.

We provide services in customer relationship management, DevOps, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, application development, and accessibility in addition to cross-database migration. Contact us to develop the ideal migration strategy for your organizational data.