With our industry-leading app development and maintenance services, Quadrant Technologies's agile and cross-functional teams assist businesses all over the world design, managing, and upgrade custom applications leveraging emerging technologies. We use application development platform as a service to ensure that your application is developed efficiently and as quickly as possible, while maintaining all the quality standards.

We design expressive and feature-rich apps that thrill your end-users using powerful tools, techniques, and frameworks. Our team has a strong track record of meeting market demands, enhancing company brand identities, and promoting corporate growth.

What is Application Development?

The software development process is a process that involves planning, developing, testing, and implementing the system. Applications are frequently created to automate internal corporate procedures, create a product to answer common business difficulties, or spur innovation. Today, the majority of businesses are seeking for custom approaches to satisfy their specific business demands, as well as to keep up with cutting-edge technology by designing scalable, secure, and easy-to-maintain apps.

app development

Getting a product to market fast and ahead of the market is critical for many applications development projects.This isn't an easy undertaking, given the high cost of experienced domestic software engineers and the great demand for their services. Many firms find that outsourcing software development is a wise option since it allows them to minimise production and development time without emptying their finances.

Benefits of Application Development

Companies can successfully handle their application portfolio with bespoke solutions thanks to robust application maintenance and development. Let's have a look at four of the most important benefits of application development and maintenance:

  • The demand for customized app development has been at an all-time high — solutions that cater to specific company requirements and are scalable, safe, and simple to manage.
  • Organizations may not only enhance application throughput but also secure business continuity and benefit in the long run by employing established deployment strategies and industry best practises to improve IT solutions.
  • End-to-end software development services are available in a variety of engagement models to support legacy and new IT system development, QA/testing, implementation, support, and enhancement.
  • Quality assurance practices across several application lifecycle models, as well as expertise and domain knowledge across major industry verticals such as marketing, health, entertainment, e-commerce, industry, and financial services, help to support and extend end-customer quality practices.

Our Application Development Services

Our experts create hybrid and cross-platform apps for Android and iOS that have improved features expanded functionality, and provide the best mobile experience.

Mobile Application development


Android App Development Platform

Develops Android apps for a variety of businesses using the greatest Android app development tools available, such as Android Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, and others.


iOS App Development Platform

AppCode, Xcode, CodeRunner, RxSwift, CocoaPods, Mockingbird, APPlyzer, Alcatraz, and other technologies are used to create apps for iOS devices.

UI/UX Design and Development

By cooperating with us, you can get dynamic, intuitive, and visually appealing UI/UX designs for your website and mobile apps. To attract the audience and convert them into potential clients, we design with end-users in mind.


User Experience (UX) Development

Using HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, and other tools, our UI designers build user experiences that assist improve brand image, attract customers, and drive revenue.


User Interface (UI) Development

It is just the finest software that we utilize to create simple and pleasant graphical user interfaces are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, and Adobe InDesign.

Concept Cards

  • Analytics and Research The commercial goals of a future app are defined by analyzing and specifying the user's behavior and actions.
  • Concept presentation Creating an information architecture and identifying the future solution's essential features.
  • UX/UI wireframes Prototyping the complete app's structure, demonstrating what should be available on the app's pages.
  • Fully functional UX/UI a user interface that is both clear and useful the future app's UX/UI
  • Prototype Testing you to test the functionality of your UI and UX at an early stage before designing your final solution
  • Development process design will be sent to the development team.
  • UI Testing process Checking for problems and errors, and making suggestions on how to improve the functionality and performance.

Web Application development

Quadrant Technologies's creative and imaginative minds create websites with a flexible and prolific web structure to satisfy your company's ever-expanding ambitions. We put a lot of effort into generating error-free loading pages so that your consumers have a pleasant browsing experience.



Requirement Process

  • Project Analysis and Consultation
  • Requirement Gathering
  • Project Budget
  • Contract acceptance


Planning Process

  • Resource planning
  • Project timeline planning
  • Functional specification documentation



  • User Experience Design
  • HTML
  • Front-end
  • UI/UX Testing


Development Process

  • Back-end
  • Source code
  • Database
  • Third party integrations
  • Deployment on Staging Server
  • Unit Tests


Release and Evolution Process

  • Change requests
  • Final Delivery
  • Deployment on Live Server
  • Client Training and Documentation
  • Maintenance and Support

Cloud Application Development

We use cloud services and key tenants like Microservices, Micro Frontends, Containers, and DevOps to build, design, and deploy cloud-native apps to accelerate your business success.

Application Modernization

The key to accelerating your digital transformation is to modernise your applications. We modernise your applications, make them more flexible and responsive to industry needs, and preserve your investments in code, data, and talents using innovative and proven approaches.

Application Re-engineering

By getting our high-quality in-app re-engineering services, we can bridge performance gaps and graphic components in your older applications. We employ cutting-edge approaches to enhance the functionality and security elements of your application.

How to make sure your application development is successful?

End-user experience is essential, which may be achieved through the establishment and improvement of current apps. The use of an application development platform as a service is also a plus point in the court of the provider. Today, web and mobile applications are by far the most cost-effective and efficient ways to reach a large audience and create cash. With millions of apps being released every day, it's a good idea to remember a few pointers:

  • Be as specific as possible when describing your application's requirements.
  • If you're using a partner, thoroughly grasp the services provided by the application development businesses and pick the correct partner.
  • Examine the numerous development platforms and select the one that best suits your company's demands.
  • Ensure that mechanisms for continuous improvement and iterations to introduce new features and/or resolve bugs are embedded.
  • Make security a primary consideration when creating your application.
  • Update and check your app regularly to ensure increased performance, highly secure, and a bugless, smooth user experience.

Application maintenance services

Corrective maintenance

To help boost system stability, software operation stability, and customer happiness, we find and correct bugs, coding and logical problems, and software design errors.

Adaptive maintenance

To help boost system stability, software operation stability, and customer happiness, we find and correct bugs, coding and logical problems, and software design errors.

Perfective maintenance

To satisfy user needs, we modernize your application to preserve the system's functional enhancements while also increasing application performance and efficiency.

Preventive maintenance

By rebuilding and optimizing code, showing security, and updating documentation, we ensure that your application is reliable and safe, and that system downtime is minimized.

Make the maximum out of your application development plan

The latest software allows businesses to automate a variety of routine tasks to increase corporate value. Do check with your provider if they offer application development platform as a service since it is highly recommended for efficient and speedy development while keeping in mind all the quality standards. Dealing with modifications in different device types, software operating systems, economic and regulatory requirements, and also evolving user needs, is a daily problem for enterprises that utilize a mix of commercial, off-the-shelf, and proprietary software.

App development services enable businesses to effectively manage all parts of the software product development from beginning to end, from design and coding to testing, continuous improvement, and debugging. Maintain and upgrade business-critical programs around the clock to improve their stability, decrease downtime, lower maintenance costs, and get the most out of your applications.

Our field of expertise

Effective project management

Our project managers are highly qualified and experienced, and they take charge of the scope, budget, schedule, and team to ensure that your application is delivered on time and budget.

Clear communication

We create a communication strategy that explains and arranges daily, weekly, and monthly meetings and calls to help teams and clients communicate more effectively.


Decisions based on relevant data

To design a highly scalable app, we conduct extensive market and business research. We may construct a feature list to suit the needs of customers based on the insights we receive from this research.

Consistent Delivery

Depending on the size and type of the project, we employ a variety of modern software development processes and techniques. We can deliver your app on schedule thanks to our agile and proactive strategy.