We are a growing Intellectual Professionals across global

Like any real personal property, Intellectual Property is the lifeblood of every organization and IP can become a subject of contention; therefore, it needs legal protection. Intellectual objects give many primary features with physical objects, so they can be easily sold, bought, or distribute away. With the increased prime concentration on intellectual property (IP) rights regarding their protection, monetization, and enforcement, the Quadrant Technologies Team realized the strong requirement for a dedicated arm for IP solutions to serve our domestic and international clients.

We are independent and are 100% results driven, achieving excellent levels of service by actively seeking out simulated products for our clients and ensuring that pursuance is carried out on individuals who produce and distribute such goods. This ensures that our clients preserve the brands and reputations they have dedicated their time, bool & sweat to build.

We assist projects such as Patent Search, Patent Drafting, International Patent Application, Patent Litigation, IP Portfolio Management, Miscellaneous Patent Services, Patent fortify, and Patent Infringement Investigation. Our suite of multi-dimensional IP solutions helps safeguard our clients Intellectual Property assets and needs, so that they can continue to focus on their business growth.

Established in early 21st century, with a boosting client base and working professionals. Quadrant Technologies has a qualified and experienced team of patent agents and patent attorneys in India. Quadrant Technologies IP Management Services team possess a strong technical knowledge as well as legal expertise to render a well versed techno legal team. The enormous experience of the Quadrant Technologies IP Management Services team provides a cutting edge to its capability to handle even the most cumbersome technical discovery and serve in an excellent way to the market industry leaders in multiple technologies. Quadrant Technologies is an opinion former in the Indian patent services panorama. Ever since its establishment, our Company has strived to improve the patent counselling scope in India by using robust strategies.

Our Patent and technical experts walk through the clients complete Patent portfolio to designate patents relevant for a particular engagement. We enable this through our proficient in-house solutions, and precise & extensive processes. Our technical expert team then deeply analyzes the focus product technology to identify any potential infringement.

Trademark & Infringement Investigations

Whether brand owners dream to register a trademark or need to conduct an investigation on a potential infringement (violation) of an existing trademark, Quadrant Technologies can help. Quadrant Technologies can pay a call to markets, stores, and wholesalers. Perform test purchases, examine suspected forged goods, provide witness statements, and give evidence before the courts.

Our team work closely & carefully with Trading Standards, Police and Customs both at national and abroad assisting them with investigations, and prosecutions. Quadrant Technologies can register brands trademarks with Customs throughout India.